The goal of Programmable Reality Lab is to make our whole living environment dynamic, interactive, and programmable. With that, we envision to transform our living space into a dynamic midium―instead of constrainting ourselves into a flat rectangle screen, we envision to make our entire world a dynamic and expressive canvas, as if we are living in a computer, rather than we are living with computers. Towords this seamlessly coupled digital and physical world, we pursue both visually and physically programmable reality by exploring novel interactive technologies enabled by AR/VR, robotics, and shape-changing interfaces.

Full-Paper Publications

UIST 2021

HapticBots: Distributed Encountered-type Haptics for VR with Multiple Shape-changing Mobile Robots

Ryo Suzuki , Eyal Ofek , Mike Sinclair , Daniel Leithinger , Mar Gonzalez-Franco

Virtual RealityEncountered Type HapticsTabletop Mobile RobotsSwarm User Interfaces

UIST 2020 Honorable Mention

RealitySketch: Embedding Responsive Graphics and Visualizations in AR through Dynamic Sketching

Ryo Suzuki , Rubaiat Habib Kazi , Li-Yi Wei , Stephen DiVerdi , Wilmot Li , Daniel Leithinger

Augmented RealityEmbedded Data VisualizationReal Time AuthoringSketching InterfacesTangible Interaction

IROS 2020

PufferBot: Actuated Expandable Structures for Aerial Robots

Hooman Hedayati , Ryo Suzuki , Daniel Leithinger , Daniel Szafir

CHI 2020

RoomShift: Room-scale Dynamic Haptics for VR with Furniture-moving Swarm Robots

Ryo Suzuki , Hooman Hedayati , Clement Zheng , James Bohn , Daniel Szafir , Ellen Yi-Luen Do , Mark D Gross , Daniel Leithinger

Virtual RealityRoom Scale HapticsHaptic InterfacesSwarm Robots

TEI 2020

LiftTiles: Constructive Building Blocks for Prototyping Room-scale Shape-changing Interfaces

Ryo Suzuki , Ryosuke Nakayama , Dan Liu , Yasuaki Kakehi , Mark D. Gross , Daniel Leithinger

Shape Changing InterfacesInflatablesLarge Scale Interactions

UIST 2019

ShapeBots: Shape-changing Swarm Robots

Ryo Suzuki , Clement Zheng , Yasuaki Kakehi , Tom Yeh , Ellen Yi-Luen Do , Mark D. Gross , Daniel Leithinger

Swarm User InterfacesShape Changing User Interfaces

DIS 2019 Best Paper

MorphIO: Entirely Soft Sensing and Actuation Modules for Programming Shape Changes through Tangible Interaction

Ryosuke Nakayama , Ryo Suzuki , Satoshi Nakamaru , Ryuma Niiyama , Yoshihiro Kawahara , Yasuaki Kakehi

Shape Changing InterfacesProgramming By DemonstrationSoft RobotsPneumatic ActuationTangible Interactions

UIST 2018

Dynablock: Dynamic 3D Printing for Instant and Reconstructable Shape Formation

Ryo Suzuki , Junichi Yamaoka , Daniel Leithinger , Tom Yeh , Mark D. Gross , Yoshihiro Kawahara , Yasuaki Kakehi

Digital MaterialsDynamic 3 D PrintingShape Displays

CHI 2018

PEP (3D Printed Electronic Papercrafts): An Integrated Approach for 3D Sculpting Paper-Based Electronic Devices

Hyunjoo Oh , Tung D. Ta , Ryo Suzuki , Mark D. Gross , Yoshihiro Kawahara , Lining Yao

Paper Electronics3 D SculptingPaper CraftFabrication TechniquesPrototyping

CHI 2018

Reactile: Programming Swarm User Interfaces through Direct Physical Manipulation

Ryo Suzuki , Jun Kato , Mark D. Gross , Tom Yeh

Direct ManipulationTangible ProgrammingSwarm User InterfacesProgramming By Demonstration


FluxMarker: Enhancing Tactile Graphics with Dynamic Tactile Markers

Ryo Suzuki , Abigale Stangl , Mark D. Gross , Tom Yeh

Visual ImpairmentDynamic Tactile MarkersTangible InterfacesInteractive Tactile Graphics

Other Publications


Swarm Fabrication: Reconfigurable 3D Printers and Drawing Plotters Made of Swarm Robots

Hiroki Kaimoto , Samin Farajian

Swarm RobotsFabrication

UIST 2021Demo

Programmable Polarities: Actuating Interactive Prototypes with Programmable Electromagnets

Martin Nisser , Leon Cheng , Yashaswini Makaram , Ryo Suzuki , Stefanie Mueller

Tabletop Mobile RobotsSelf Reconfgurable RobotsSwarm User InterfacesInteractive DevicesFabrication

UIST 2019Doctoral Consortium

Collective Shape-changing Interfaces

Ryo Suzuki

Collective Shape Changing InterfacesModular RobotsSwarm RobotsProgrammable Matter

ICRA 2018Workshop

Virtual Barriers in Augmented Reality for Safe Human-Robot Collaboration in Manufacturing

Wesley Chan , Adnan Karim , Camilo Perez Quintero , Machiel Van der Loos , Elizabeth Croft

Augmented RealityHuman Robot Interaction


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